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Sourdough bread

When I was able to bake tasty and pretty yeast bread, I felt that I can do more... Then (about two months ago) I started my sourdough experiments and, well, it wasn't an easy way, but finally I'm really proud of my home made, half wholemeal, lovely, tasty and healthy bread. Can a bread make you feel happy? My answer is definitely YES. And yours? Would you try it?

What should be sourdough bread without sourdough... Maybe you have a good bakery in your neighbourhood or a good friend who is already zealous - that's the simple way. Or you are a loony and want to grow your own. Good news - it's possible! Bad news - it's difficult.
Just mix water and rye flour 1:1 (about 50 grams of both), cover with plastic film and put in a warm place. The temperature should be 30°C +- 3°C. (Believe me - I tried it first in wrong temperature. It didn't work.)
In following 2 days you have to add flour and water - every day about 50 g of both. So, on the 4th day you should have 300 g of alive sourdough. 

Put a tablespoon or a bit more into a clean small preserve jar and put it into the fridge. That's the base for next baking. (You also can "feed" it with rye flour, to make sure that the sourdough won't be hungry). With the rest of sourdough you can prepare the dough.

TYPICAL CZECH BREAD - "ŠUMAVA" ("Bohemian Forrest")

Version of my favourite foodblogger Cuketka.
  • 300 g of sourdough
  • 300 g of flour (according to your preference)
  • about 170 ml of water
  • 12 g of salt
  • 5 g of cumin seeds


Thanks to Goddess of Bread - Maškrtnica.
  • together 110 g of seeds and grains flakes
  • 125 g of boiling water
  • 3 g of salt
Mix everything together and let it be for at least 12 hours. Add it into a bread dough.

Modifications of bread dough:
  • various flour - rye, wheat, spelt
  • seeds: pumpkin, flax, sunflower
  • spices: cumin, coriander seeds, mixture of bread spices
  • flakes: oat, wheat, spelt, buckwheat, rye
  • bran
The more wholemeal or rye flour you use, the more thick and heavy bread will be.


First about 15 minutes in a blender, than manully with adding flour to have a not sticky dough.


Give time to the dough. Depend on room temperature, but 3 hours is usually enough.
Because I don't have a shallow basket, I use a strainer covered with a dish towel dusted with rye flour.


Don't forget the salt. Without it (or with inadequate amount) isn't bread tasty and also raise too much.

Don't be afraid and try your combination and make your own bread recipe! It's just fun!

And don't be sad if it don't work on first (second, third...) attempt in the way you've hoped... 

Model "mushroom cloud"

not enough salt, too much raising

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